Alarm Control Panel

Feature & Function

  • Adapt Double GSM Band Cellular Communication Module.
  • 9 wireless guarding zones ( 1 SOS alarm zone, 1 fire alarm zone, 1 external power failure alarm zone, the other 6 wireless guarding zones can be defined by user)
    2 hardwire guarding zones.
  • Send SMS to 3 mobile phones automatically while alarming.
  • Call 3 phones automatically while alarming and drive wiretap.
  • Arm/disarm by wireless keyboard, remote controller, SMS or remote telephone/mobile phone.
  • Set the host by wireless keyboard, SMS or remote phone.
  • Report guarding zones remotely by SMS or voice.
  • Modify the name of wireless guarding zones and inquire the status of host by SMS demand.
  • With voice reminder while the host is working
  • Support two-way communication can be used as handfree telephone.
  • With standby rechargeable battery.
  • The alarm host automatically stores system status, while its power is off.
  • Connect with the alarm center through GSM network.

Technical Parameter

  • GSM network frequency: 850/1900MHZ or 900/1800MHZ 
  • External power failure alarm
  • Start-time: less than 1s
  • Alarm response time:
  • Less than 10s (GSM in normality)
  • Power requirements: AC 220V 50Hz
  • Standby battery: DC8.4V
  • Standby battery working hours: more than 10 hours
  • Working conditions
  • Operating temperature: -20 to 60oC
  • Humidity: 20% to 95%
Standard Package
  • Main unit (control panel) -1 pcs
  • Wireless Magnetic Door Sensor- 1 pcs
  • Wireless Remote Controls -2 pcs
  • Wireless Programming Keypad -1 pcs
  • Wireless PIR Motion Sensor -1 pcs
  • Indoor Siren -1 pcs
  • Power Supply- 1 pcs