Alarm Control Panel of Burglar Alarm is the heart of the system to which various sensors can be connected.

Connectivity of various sensors to the Alarm Control Panel of Burglar Alarm happens either by wire or wireless.

Door / Window magnetic contact forms the basic & most important of sensors for Burglar Alarm that sends a signal to the main unit if the door or window moves.

Smoke Detector is to sense for fire and smoke and send signal to Burglar Alarm.

Gas leakage Detector is kept in the kitchen which alerts the Burglar Alarm if there is a Gas leakage.

PIR Motion Detector senses for changes in the infrared levelm changes that is caused by movement of any intruders and alerts the Burglar Alarm Control Panel.

Key Fob for Burglar Alarm acts like a remote that arms or disarms the Burglar Alarm. Key Fob can remotely work over a mobile call to change various settings of Burglar Alarm

Strobe Siren is a panic alarm that creats noise and alerts people around and creates panic to Intruders gets activated by any signal from sensor by the Control Panel of Burglar Alarm. Strobe Siren makes noice or creates light or both.

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The GSM Burglar Alarm System integrates GSM Module inside, and is a contemporary special security solution for SOHO. It will alert any intrusion in absence by SMS and calling.

The GSM Burglar Alarm System also supports two way voice communication, by which you can answer the incoming call as well as dial out to the others. It is very useful for user to create voice communication or listen in the houses. This will be useful to unsettle the intruder in the golden period before he gets familiar of your home/office.

The GSM Burglar Alarm System equipped with link-output relay to switch on or off any electrical appliance as well as another to activate alarm/siren. They can be activated remotely, which also comes handy to unsettle the intruder by switch off and on electrical appliances as well as to activate sirens.

Schematic Layout

Alarm Control Panel (Host)
Alarm Control Panel is a wall-mounted unit where the detection devices and wiring or wireless connected of the alarm are ultimately connected and managed. These include devices such as bells,siren, door contacts,PIR motion detectors,smoke detectors, gas detectors, etc. Typical panels are located in utility closets or access rooms.
Door/Window Magnetic Contact
Magnetic contacts are the most common sensing devices for sensing opening and closing of doors and windows. They are cheap and reliable. Such sensors consist of two parts - A  contact that is installed on the door / window frame and an Activating magnet that is mounted on the door. The magnetic  is held in no-alarm contact position when door / window is kept closed. These are installed on a door or window in such a way that opening the door or window causes the magnet to move away from the contact switch which activates the alarm. They have proved to be a tried and tested method of monitoring any of the operable openings in the houses / apartments. These contacts are available in variety of finishes & materials. Heavy duty versions are also available for heavy doors, shutters and gates. The magnetic switches normally have both 'Normally open' & 'Normally Closed' contacts for easier integration with existing systems.
Smoke Detectors
Smoke detector is for detection of fire & smoke, All smoke detectors consist of two basic parts: a sensor to sense the smoke and a very loud electronic horn to wake people up. Smoke detectors can run off of a 9-volt battery. It has been said that where there is smoke there is fire. It is even more true that where there is fire there is smoke. A fire sends little particles into the air. When these particles reach the smoke detector, they go through the little chamber where the electrons are flying from one electrode to the other. The smoke particles interfere with this flow enough to alert the microchip. The microchip is programmed to send a signal to the alarm.
Gas Leakage Detectors
Gas leak detectors can help you detect a natural gas leak if you can't or don't notice its smell. When the gas reach to the alarm warning degree, the Gas detectors will make buzz sounds & lights to alert people.
PIR Motion Detectors
Passive Infrared (PIR) Motion Sensors protect space by 'looking' for changes in infrared (heat) energy levels caused by movement of an intruder. The passive infrared detectors are passive devices. i.e., they do not transmit any form of energy. When a person enters and moves within the detecting zone, his body which is at its normal temperature of 98.6 degree F., radiates more (or less) thermal energy than the surroundings and such minute difference in thermal energy is detected by the PIR. In simple words, PIR keeps a picture of the heat levels in its view and keeps on comparing the new view with the stored one. In case there is any change then they activate the alarm.
Keyfob (keychain or remote controller)
Keyfob works like the key, it can activate (arm) and diactivate (disarm) the alarm systems, more functions with the keyfob are with 4 key (Arm/Disarm/Home Arm/Panic)/buttons on keyfob to realize different functions.
Strobe Siren
Typically we call it bells, when alarm is triggered, the alarm panel will switch on the siren or strobe siren, the siren or storbe siren will make noise and strobe lights (warning sounds & lights) to alert people or your neighbours, also it will make the intruder stop the illegal intrusions.

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